Lydia Greenfingers

Lydia Greenfingers is the first book to be released by Kent based author Joseph Hopkins. The book was written with the influences of his daughters relationship with his late Nan 'Lydia'. The book is a very heart felt story and is perfect for bed time reading. It is very colourful and the images, created by the talented artist Greg Carter, look absolutely amazing. The book would be a fantastic teaching resource in either key stage 1 for visual prompts or Key stage 2 for character description, rhyme and much much more.

The book was released on the 29th of July 2016 and at its book launch, held at Bluewaters WHSmith - 115 copies sold - more than Martina Cole, Richard Madeley and many other big name authors at the same store. Off of its success WHSmith took a further 35 books for the shelves at Bluewater and will also be stocking in other stores across Kent.

A great achievement by a first time author. Since the day some very lovely reviews have come into us and below are some examples of these...
Stacey & Beau

Beau didn't emerge from him room until 9:45am today. I said "you've slept late"
"no Iv read Lydia Greenfingers again, twice this morning & last night"
"Oh you like it then?"
"It's my favourite book Iv ever read......YET!" He says. He explained it's his favourite because it makes him feel so happy for her when she looks in the stream. 
(He is a well read child, he is making his way through the Famous Five at the moment so quite the compliment Joe ☺️) 

He has bought your book to my mums tonight, we've had family down from London & he got it out his bag & told everyone about it & read it out loud. 
He's your new biggest fan X
Lindsey & Tia

Hi Joe, good to see you Saturday, I hope you had fun! ..The book is fantastic, we really enjoyed it, but oh-my-God it made me cry!!.. 'Lydia Greenfingers' - it totally ruined me! ..So touching! 

I resonated a lot with the verse content as I'm sure many others will too. Brilliant everlasting way to honour your nan. 

We wish you every success with the book and those which follow x

This book is beautifully bittersweet. It is so easy to read and I love that it encourages children to get out in the garden. A must buy for anyone who loves a bedtime story!

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