Joseph is very proud to currently have two books published and released. Both books are available on Amazon and in selected WHSmith stores in the U.K. He also features on other authors books as the illustrator, most recently 'Morris The Stealing Magpie' by Nicola Parkhouse.

Lydia Greenfingers

When Lydia's parents pass away,
to her wicked aunt's, she goes to stay.
The house is dark, cold and bare,
the garden overgrown and without care.
Lydia decides to make things right,
by growing flowers, tall and bright!

Released 30.07.2016


Dorothy May

When Dorothy decides to go to a dance,
she meets a strange man completely by chance.
Dorothy is trapped and she has to act quickly,
she luckily finds help from a lady called Kitty.
They both make a plan to get Raven back,
and try to get Dorothy's life back on track.

Released 30.07.2017


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